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Long Sleeve is a full-service video marketing agency that brings powerful images and compelling content to every project.
We specialize in a variety of industries including oil & gas, forestry, agriculture, medical, community development, music and non-profit.
Long Sleeve Productions serves all of Southern Ontario as well as Alberta with quick availability and fast turn-around. 
For the best quality video & audio production for the best value, Long Sleeve is the right choice.
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Named Top 5

Videography Company for 2020!

"If you want content that intellectually fills audience needs, Long Sleeve should be your pick for the best Edmonton videographers."


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Since 2017, we've delivered over 50 videos to help our clients launch campaigns for products & services, crowd-funding, elections, lobbying, and economic investment.

"We threw this super-duo team into a Northern Alberta region larger than a couple Maritime provinces, in -40 degree temperatures, with very little instruction, supplied contacts on the fly… with the goal ‘to tell our stories’!  Final products turned out perfect!  How incredibly great is that!"

Lisa Wardley, Chair, Regional Economic Development Initiative of NW Alberta  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Industry profiles help prospective investors gain an understanding of the industries that are located in your region and the resources available there.

These profiles can be translated into a variety of languages so that foreign investors can be targeted directly.

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Community Profiles encourage new investment, new residents as well as increase tourism.

Show the heart of your community by highlighting the wonderful attributes that make people love living there.

Rainbow Lake, A Treasure in Northwest Alberta


"Just wanted you all to know that the video is a huge hit in our community. Everyone is sharing and commenting and their friends are loving it too!"

    - Michelle Farris, Mayor

     Rainbow Lake, Alberta

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Zama City Homecoming


"Awesome video! Zama City has always rocked at "community"!!! The memorial and planting of trees was a great tribute to all those beautiful people that helped build your community. The footage is such an amazing keepsake thanks so much for sharing it!!!"

    - Deb Stecyk via YouTube

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Social Media Commercials


Dr. Marcia Hartt, Medical Aesthethics

"In my opinion, this video is your best so far. Great to see in one video some of the services you provide. The staff appear very confident in the procedures they're performing" 

    - @wilsonme9 via Instagram

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The Alberta Northwest Species at Risk Committee video series was shared 1000+ times on Facebook