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Strategic, effective videos

and experience you can trust

We've helped our clients promote local businesses, reach investors around the world, advocate for regional and community development and secure funding to make lives better for people in our community.

Social media content

See how we've helped our clients reach their objectives

let's get video

working for you

Whether it's a warm introduction to your business, presenting a sales promotion or investment opportunity, recruiting a potential hire or training your staff, we produce videos that give you effective tools to build awareness, knowledge, engagement and new audiences for your business or organization.

Our recent commercial campaigns helped bring

business back to local main street companies

We make it easier for people to find you online

and across all of your social channels.

boost your

digital presence

We've built our video packages to provide you with additional video lengths and formats so your content can be cross-posted over multiple platforms, including search engine listings. So, you'll get more value from every video you purchase from us, building your digital presence more easily and more affordably.

video creation

made easy

We're here to make it easy for you to get the video content you need quick and hassle-free by being efficient, thorough, and flexible through each step of the video creation process.
And with our value-packed video packages, payment installments and unlimited edits until you are satisfied, it's just smart business to work with us. 

Put our experience to work for you.  

Let's work together


Top 5 Corporate


Production Companies,


"If you have a challenging marketing campaign in mind and are not sure if it is possible to produce, the talented people at Long Sleeve Productions can help." 

Best Videographers of 2020,


"If you want content that intellectually fills audience needs, Long Sleeve should be your pick.."

Don't have video in
your budget?

We've created value-packed video packages starting at $1000,

PLUS we've introduced payment installments that make it easier to budget and pay for your video products. 

Storytelling is at the  heart  of everything we do

Read how we've approached each of our clients' projects in our "behind the scenes" stories below.

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