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Full-service video production


From beginning to end, we approach each video project with the same goal:

Deliver a high-quality production that delivers on our clients objectives.

Here's what you can expect when you engage Long Sleeve Productions in creating your videos.

Video Pre Production
Professional audio resolution


We spend the time to understand your video's objective and how best to execute it.

Our pre-production work includes research, story development, script-writing, interview and location scheduling and all the preparation necessary for filming.

Video production
Professional audio resolution


Our production focus is capturing beautiful cinematography, high-quality audio and engaging and entertaining video material.

When we're onsite, we do our best to keep filming efficient, getting to the heart of the content you need quickly and effectively.

Video post-production
Professional audio resolution


We develop your video content into stories that can be shared across multiple platforms.

Drawing on thousands of hours of post-production editing experience, powerful software, audio tools and resources, you get all the advantages of an in-house professional editing team.

Video production delivery
Professional audio resolution


We will deliver your videos in the high-quality formats you need for sharing with your social networks or posting on your website. If there is a need for edits or revisions, we will work with you until you are satisfied with your finished video.


Lisa Wardley,
REDI Chair

"We threw this super-duo team into a Northern Alberta region larger than a couple Maritime provinces, in -40 degree temperatures, with very little instruction, supplied contacts on the fly… with the goal ‘to tell our stories’!  Final products turned out perfect!  How incredibly great is that!"


Michelle Farris,
Mayor of Rainbow Lake

"Just wanted you all to know that the video is a huge hit in our community. Everyone is sharing and commenting and their friends are loving it too!"

Zama parade_1.57_edited.jpg

Deb Stecyk,
via Youtube

"Awesome video! Zama City has always rocked at "community"!!! The memorial and planting of trees was a great tribute to all those beautiful people that helped build your community. The footage is such an amazing keepsake thanks so much for sharing it!!!"​​