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From short, social media commercials to long form documentaries, browse our portfolio to see how we've delivered visibility and storytelling for our clients

Creating Inclusive Spaces in Youth Sport and Recreation


We need to rethink what it means to be an active kid and who belongs in sport, physical activity, and recreation (hint: it’s everyone!). 

SPARC Alberta, 2022

Samson Cree Nation Youth Services


The ChooseWell Team stops into Samson Cree Nation to hear how collaboration is improving youth connections to culture.

Communities ChooseWell, 2022

Caroline McAuley: Creating an Appetite for Change

This Masterclass features AHS Dietitian Caroline McAuley who shares strategies for improving healthy eating choices in communities. 

Communities ChooseWell, 2023

Positive Youth Development in Sport


PYD is about viewing youth as a resource to be developed and requires intentional transfer of skills.

Sparc Alberta, 2022

Megan Hunter: Normalizing Physical Activity

This Masterclass features Megan Hunter who shares her strategies for incorporating more activity into our daily routines.

Communities ChooseWell, 2023

Boyle Street Community Services


The ChooseWell Team makes a stop at Boyle Street Community Services to see how their gardening programs are having an impact.

Communities ChooseWell, 2022

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