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Celebrating REDI's 20th Anniversary 🥳

Client: Regional Economic Development Initiative of Northwest Alberta (REDI)

Watch: Video celebrating REDI's 20th Anniversary

To celebrate its 20 year anniversary, the Regional Economic Development Initiative of Northwest Alberta (REDI) asked us to create a video tribute to the determined local champions who fought to gain control of their own economic future and the work that has led them to become among Alberta's best regional economic development agencies.

Our latest video for REDI introduces members of its Board - past and present - and showcases the work REDI has done to foster important projects and initiatives focused on growing opportunities and improving the lives of residents of the northwest. It also features a sneak-peak at a major tourism project in the area (video coming soon!)

Throughout the video, you will see four seasons of content we've filmed since being introduced to REDI Board in 2018 while up in northwest #Alberta filming an advocacy project for local municipalities.

Since that first cold but inspiring trip in 2018, we've produced 20 videos for REDI, profiling industries, major economic projects, infrastructure and each community in the area (EIGHT of them!).

The videos have given REDI tools to reach audiences all over the world showing them a part of Canada that not many people have seen, but that is ripe for investment. With its vast forests, storied oil and gas supplies and a climate that produces high-yield and high-quality agricultural products, northwest Alberta is integral for our nation's #food production, #lumber production, and #oilandgas production. It's also our main gateway to the Northwest Territories.

REDI videos have tens of thousands of views with the Forestry and Pea Protein videos recommended viewing on YouTube. Congratulations REDI!

Do you have a special event or celebration you want to recognize with a video?


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