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Product Launch Video: Innovative help for fruit growers facing extreme weather 🍒🥝🍓🍇

🎬 Watch: Cravo Auto-Dry™

We love working with clients who solve big problems, so we were super excited when Cravo called on us to help launch its new lower-cost automatic crop covering system that helps growers protect precious soft fruit from damaging rain and hail.

For over 40 years, our Brantford-based client, Cravo Equipment Ltd., has been helping growers de-risk the production of fresh fruits and other field crops by providing automatic retractable shelter systems that can be installed over large growing operations.

With a flip of a switch, hectares of produce can be protected within minutes in the event bad weather is approaching.

But the beauty of this system is not only what it keeps out, it's what it keeps in. By trapping in heat and humidity, growers can improve the quality, look and sweetness of the fruit and control when it is ready to harvest. That means growers can produce more picture-perfect fruit more often, boosting their bottom lines.

It's a cool invention that solves an emerging problem for producers but also for all of us - keeping access to fresh, quality fruit accessible and affordable. 🍒🥝🍓🫐🍇

Check out Cravo's whole line-up of retractable roof houses as well as some grower-stories from all over the world.

🙌 Shout out to Frank Block for his awesome VO!!

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