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Serving up the Milton Tennis Club's 100th Anniversary Video

Ace-ing a Century 🎾🎬

When Milton Tennis Club came to us to produce a special commemorative anniversary video for their centenary celebrations, it was an honour to help them mark this special occasion.

Due to the massive growth of Milton over the last century, the Tennis Club had to move its facilities numerous times to accommodate development and the changing requirements of the City. This meant the volunteer Board negotiated for new land and infrastructure a few times over the years, ultimately landing in the Milton Community Sports Park, a perfect setting for the Club.

This celebration video touches on some history of the club, the premiere tennis events it has hosted, the talented athletes playing at the national level, excellent programming and just the warm atmosphere from the members and the staff who made the production of this video so much fun!

We upscaled and enhanced historical photos, incorporated drone video filmed by one of their members, captured memories shared by 40 and 50-year members and filmed Milton Tennis Club's opening day celebrations which included an impromptu group Happy Birthday message.

If you have a special celebration that you would like to commemorate with a video, let's connect and discuss the creative possibilities. To see how we've helped other organizations with their special events, see samples in the Events/Celebrations section of our portfolio.


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