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Enter'training' new volunteers at the HBSPCA

Client: Hamilton Burlington SPCA

Project: Create an orientation video to onboard new volunteers

Objective: Make it fun. ✔️Make it pet-first. ✔️Make it engaging. ✔️Make it quick!✔️

It was by coincidence that a call I made to the Hamilton Burlington SPCA back in August would be picked up by the CEO.... while he was meeting with his volunteer coordinator in which they were discussing..... training videos! In order to respond for increased demand for services, the pet shelter was working extra hard to get volunteers in place and needed an efficient tool to help them do the job as quickly as possible.

An orientation video it is!

Layne, The Auctionista
Layne, The Auctionista, sharing the value of HBSPCA's donors

We knew there would be a ton of content to cover, so the challenge was to keep the concept and the script fun and informative, showcase the SPCA's values and pet-first approach (think: lots of camera snoots 😊) and ensure people were engaged throughout. Oh, and filming through the holidays!

Over a handful of days, we recorded events like Community Wellness Clinics, Picture your Pet with Santa, a holiday open house, adoptions, dog obedience classes, as well as a day's activities at the Companion Animal Hospital, where we got to see compassion in action by all of the wonderful staff and volunteers. We even caught a group of industrious corporate volunteers building a catio for the shelter's kitties.

We were thrilled that the HBSPCA was able to engage Hamilton philantro-tainer, Layne, The Auctionista, who stepped in as the host and narrator of the video. Layne is well-known for their work raising money for local non-profits and was the perfect choice for the job.

In the dynamic walk-through video, Layne guides us through the SPCA facilities starting with a pit-stop at the dog park with their dog, Laila 🐕, and wraps with a call for volunteers to complete the online intake forms.

Warning: There's so much cuteness, you may not be able to resist the urge to reach out to your local SPCA or local animal shelter to volunteer. Watch our social channels for the video debut!

And if your organization is looking for efficient ways to onboard new staff, demonstrate tasks or procedures or share best practices, reach out to us: