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Creating an Economic Engine in Northwest Alberta

Client: Regional Economic Development Initiative of Northwest Alberta (REDI)

Project: Videos that highlight a proposed rail line between Fort McKay and the REDI region
Brant Mental Health Solutions

Last year, REDI came to us to help position a significant new infrastructure project that would help unlock economic potential in NW Alberta and help bring equitable food and goods security to people in the Canadian north. A new, national rail line would also connect resources in Alberta to both Asian and North American markets via existing rail networks in Alaska and the southern part of the province.

WATCH: REDI for Rail Part One - The route to potential in northwest Alberta

We began our story with showing the proposed route and the rationale behind the project from both a social and economic perspective. In part one of the series, we introduced animated maps and graphics to illustrate the areas that would benefit from new transportation corridors and potential economic impact.

WATCH: REDI for Rail Part Two - Delivering opportunities to northwest Alberta

Part two of the series features perspectives on how individual communities and sectors could benefit from a new rail line. With the recent landslides, road and rail washouts in British Columbia, redundancy in transportation has become more important than ever.

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