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Promoting "Main Street" Niagara businesses during COVID

Client: Enterprise Canada

Project: GNCC & NOTL #NiagaraMyWay Shop Local Campaign

70 commercials < 70 days

Last winter, we were approached by our client, Enterprise Canada, to produce 15 second videos for 50 businesses located in the Niagara Region for the #NiagaraMyWay shop local campaign sponsored by the area's two chambers of commerce.

The challenge: Complete all 50 videos within two months.

The spots were meant to be simple videos featuring shots of storefronts, products and services, and shoppers but we felt the videos needed more personalization to fit with the #NiagaraMyWay hashtag. So, not shy of a challenge, we helped identify 50 "citizen-spokespersons" to deliver a "My Niagara means" marketing line that connected real shoppers, business owners and staff.

☝🏽A reel featuring some of the 70 commercials we filmed in late 2021 - early 2022

It was a fun exercise to help each business work its brand statement into a 10-12 word line to help them identify what they mean to local shoppers and we got some terrific results. So good in fact, the chambers of commerce added another 20 commercials to the campaign.

The campaign took us to Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-lake (#NOTL), St. Catharines, Stevensville, Jordan, Vineland, Fonthill, Welland, Grimsby and Hamilton. It required a massive coordination effort, especially over holidays, COVID waves and lockdowns, plus it made us flex our on-the-spot marketing muscles to help business owners finesse their brand statements and coach folks not used to being on camera to deliver their "lines."

"It was so much fun turning locals into spokespeople for the businesses and products they love."

Check out the #NiagaraMyWay hashtag on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for more examples of the commercials we produced in the region.

If you have a challenging campaign initiative and not sure how to execute it, talk to us:


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